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From a million dollar house in the suburbs to a hot duplex in the city, I've had the opportunity to list some incredible homes. I am boundlessly passionate about digital storytelling, and I hold a bachelor's degree in journalism -- I know how to tell the tale of your home. When you sell with me, I'll surpass every expectation.

When is the best time to sell?
It's all about supply and demand. You should list your home when there are more buyers than sellers -- a seller's market. Typically, Chicago experiences a strong seller's market in the springtime. Consider listing in February or March to get the highest and best price. That said, market conditions will always fluctuate depending on anything from interest rates to the weather. Talk to me, and together we'll determine when you should sell.

Why should I sell with MSC?
I refuse to give anything less than 110%. For my listings, I tend to go all out, from lavish open houses to custom films. I'll let one of my past clients do the talking: "She marketed our property perfectly. She is a gifted writer (she was able to highlight features in a poetic way) and even created a video of our property. We had social media buzz happening from day one. A local news outlet even featured a photo of our house she happened to post on her Instagram account! During our open house, she made our home come to life...she hired a pianist to play on our deck while guests sipped wine. It was actually a beautiful re-creation of the many get togethers we hosted at our house when we lived there. She didn't miss a beat. Buyers could really see themselves living there." This particular client ended up receiving ten offers and $25,000 over our asking price. Yep, that's how MSC sells. 

What's your pricing strategy?
I will always strive to get you the best price possible, but in the end, your home is only worth what a buyer in the current market will pay. Buyers determine price -- realtors set the tone. It's imperative that the price is right the first time. The longer a property sits on the market, the less value a buyer will see. Usually, you can get the highest price during the first few days of market exposure. My best advice is to price your home a little bit below market value, because nothing gets buyers more excited than the possibility of a good deal. This will usually lead to lots of showings and multiple offers.

Let's do this. What's next?
It's time to invite me over. I'll come check out your place and learn more about you -- like a first date between me and your property. You can tell me all the things you've loved about your home, as well as why you want to sell. We'll look at comparable sales in the area, too. If you decide to work with me, you will also gain access to my talented photographer, videographer and graphic designer. The MSC team makes magic happen.


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